As a part of the LGBT community, Michelle has always been committed to health and how it affects those around you. After years of dealing with digestive issues and dissatisfaction with conventional treatments,  she decided to take power into her own hands and dove into the nutrition and alternative healthcare fields. Amazed with the results of Chinese medicine and nutritional changes, she decided to pursue a more holistic and health-oriented profession in order to help others struggling with their own healthcare battles. 

In 2010, Michelle enrolled into graduate school and has since earned her masters from the highly esteemed Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in Chicago. Michelle also attended an advanced acupuncture and herbal program at the Liaoning University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, in Shen Yang, China where she was able to study and apprentice at the gynecology, orthopedic and phrenology departments. 

 Michelle is now a licensed Acupuncturist and Herbalist committed to educating and treating those within the LGBT community. Having spent time volunteering for the Chicago Women’s Health center, she is dedicated to women’s and Trans health.

In her spare time, Michelle endlessly researches and reads up on nutrition and how food can positively (or negatively) affect our health and longevity. From bone broth soup to throwing away your snickers bars,  Michelle realizes that food is one of the most powerful tools for health, and is dedicated to teaching those around her the benefits of eating a well balanced diet. 

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