• Michelle is very understanding, lighthearted and present while she is with you. She sees to the heart of things and is very precise. Her needling is gentle, quick and spot on - you will know that the needles are helping you. Personally, she has helped me improve a chronic problem in a matter of weeks that has been with me for years and she celebrates my improvements with me! I highly recommend her to anyone, especially if you like breath work and tuning forks.” –Catherine Walters


  • After suffering with plantar fasciitis for over a year, Michelle was able to make my pain disappear within only two treatments. Chronic pain is something you never stop thinking about; and not only was she able to make my feet feel better, but relieved me of the stress and worry that comes with it. I can’t thank her enough.”  –L.R.


  • Being a smoker for over 20 years, I came to see Michelle with little hope of quitting. But with her bright nature and calming presence she was able to reduce my smoking by half within the first few treatments. I always look forward to our sessions, and she has provided me with a new hope of completely quitting.” –Sarah


  • I was new to acupuncture and admittedly skeptical. However, after seeing Michelle I quickly realized that this was a medicine performed by knowledgeable, confident and concerned practitioners. Michelle is all of the above and more. She helped me with my anxiety and depression, and now I can see a bright future ahead!” -VS


  • "I would like to take this opportunity to recommend Michelle Polk as an acupuncturist who possesses the gift of healing, a vital ingredient to Western practices of medicine. Whenever I spoke to Michelle about my symptoms of imbalance I felt like she was really listening with attentiveness and compassion, a crucial component of the healing process. Polk's Eastern philosophy of treatment allows space for  incorporating  positive elements of Western medicine such as healthful eating, lifestyle and exercise.  And I believe Polk's training at the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in Chicago is one of the best with hands-on practice and the traditional Chinese approach to acupuncture. I hope to continue to receive treatment from Ms. Polk even after my symptoms are gone because for me, acupuncture is a way of keeping the body energy in balance." -Annie Markovich


  • "Michelle is wonderful! I had sprained my MCL in soccer two weeks before seeing her and upon coming in, she carefully assessed the area, gave me further techniques to help its healing, and followed up with acupuncture to the necessary points. My pain has been relieved remarkably and I plan to follow up with her regularly. I definitely recommend this professional!" -Avery H


  • "Best decision ever to see Michelle for some upper back pain relief. Still feeling great days later (despite being back in the office in a chair all day) and highly recommend her services!" -Elliot Kennedy


  • "Michelle is very attentive and informative. As I am a newbie to Eastern medicine and acupuncture methods, she takes the time to make sure her clients feel comfortable and relaxed. I also hadn't had a migraine since working with Michelle on my health" -Rachel V.


Polk Acupuncture

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