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Health Wasn't Always a Priority

Michelle grew up eating Twinkies while day-dreaming about Oreos. Never did it cross her mind that what you eat could have an impact on how you feel, let alone your health. Chinese medicine was a universe away, where the only exposure to eastern medicine was the occasional trip to Chicago’s Chinatown. 

Fast forward a couple of decades and Michelle is committed to health and wellness—-but not in an annoying way. (Don’t worry, she’ll only judge your eating habits behind your back.)


Feeling Helpless to Gaining Control

Let's be real, the health world is overwhelming, and the prospect of completely changing your lifestyle almost seems not worth the mental headache. If this is how you feel, then Michelle is in your corner.

Michelle was changed by Chinese medicine and the power of nutrition after helping cure her own digestive and anxiety issues after dissatisfaction with conventional treatments. She learned to navigate the health and wellness world, making it her mission to parcel out the good from the bad, and helping others do the same. You can read about her healing journey here. She decided to pursue a more holistic and health-oriented profession in order to help others struggling with their own healthcare battles, realizing that health and wellness aren't spectator sports. 

In 2010, Michelle enrolled in graduate school and has since earned her masters degree from the highly esteemed Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in Chicago. She completed her 4 year masters program with over 3,500 credit hours of theory and clinical practice and supplemented her education by attending an advanced acupuncture and herbal program at the Liaoning University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Shen Yang, China. It was in China where she saw the true value of integrative medicine at work, where patients received eastern therapies alongside western procedures. 

No longer a Twinkie connoisseur, Michelle is NCCAOM board certified acupuncturist and herbalist as well as a Licensed acupuncturist in the state of Illinois. She is committed to educating and treating those within her LGBT community as well as enlightening and working with the broader public on the importance of self-care, health and nutrition. 

If you want to feel better but are completely overwhelmed by the process, Michelle is for you. Getting healthy and feeling better doesn't have to be a continuous nail on a chalkboard, it should be straightforward and fun, with no guild added.

Want to start learning what can do before your visit to the office? Read Michelle's blog for self-care tips, products and recipes to help you on your way.


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