People often ask which products and books I recommend. I have curated all the things I love and trust for my patients and myself. Everything on this list is a product I have personally used, read, and trust.


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These are some of the MOST informative books on nutrition I have ever read, with a hint of sarcasm and a huge dose of reality, they're all classics. These are the TOP 5 books I recommend to patients for nutrition advice and information to get you on the positive road ahead. Don't wait, start reading now!


Here are some of the supplements I absolutely abide by. EVERYONE needs turmeric and Vitamin D, and I truly believe that mushrooms can help keep us all healthier and happier. 

Here are some more products I love to use. Epsom salt baths are a wonderful way to relax and a great way to soak up much-needed magnesium. I use coconut oil like it's my job, from skincare to mouthwash to cooking oil. And in terms of films to scare you into health, please watch these!

Many patients ask "what smells so good?" when they enter the office. Essential oils and Japanese incense are where it's at! Doterra is a highly recommended brand for quality essential oils. I suggest trying the beginners kit as well as the introductory manual. If you are looking for incense, my favorite scents are the Japanese Sandalwood. Fresh smelling and not overpowering. 

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