This Sh*t Works---Why I Became An Acupuncturist.

For a kid who grew up afraid of needles, it makes sense to explain what led me to acupuncture.

I grew up thinking I’d either be Chaka Khan (even though I can’t sing) or a chef (even though I really can’t cook).

Doctors told me to ‘stop being stressed’

As a teenager I suffered from debilitating stomach aches, ones which left me lying in bed for hours on end, not able to move because the pain was so bad. The doctors told me I had IBS (Intestinal Bowel Syndrome) and prescribed me pills that only made my symptoms worse, not better. They told me to stop being so stressed and that was the end--- little did I know it was only the beginning.

Without realizing it, I had picked up ideas over the years that formed my beliefs. I learned the power of herbs from my Polish grandmother who frequently uses tinctures of amber and bee pollen to cure all her ailments. I started to become conscious of where my food was coming from as well as the importance of nutrition.  And through it all I learned the value of taking control over your health through knowledge and information.  


Taking my health back

It took years for me to figure out how to regain control of my health, and it started with my first acupuncture treatment. I wasn’t sure how the tiny needles were supposed to help and I was terrified they would hurt.


As a kid I would cry in fear of going to the doctor for I was petrified of needles,  but I was ready to try anything---including those tiny, thin needles. After one session of acupuncture I remember jumping off the table with a sense of euphoria that lingered with me for days. I can still remember my first words after receiving my initial few treatments, "Damn! This shit works!"  


This Sh*t Works: Hooked on Chinese Medicine

I was hooked. With a regimen of Chinese Medicine, acupuncture, herbs, continual diet changes and learning how to de-stress, I was able to go from almost weekly debilitating stomach aches down to a few per year.

Chinese medicine gave me my power back.  

What I learned throughout the process was that I have the most control over my own health. I realized that we must be involved in the process of health and healing - and that means the whole process - from what we eat, how we breathe, how we move to how we live.


Acupuncture is greater than Chaka Khan

A balanced life leads to better health. The concept was at once so basic and so revolutionary that I was drawn to it immediately.

Through Chinese medicine and my acupuncture practice, I give patients the power to recenter themselves by balancing their minds and bodies. Who knew I’d spend my life making people feel better with something that would have terrified me as a child.

I’ll take that over singing like Chaka Khan any day.


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