Book Review: Death by Food Pyramid

Denise Minger Wants to Break You of Shoddy Science And Your Nutritional Dogma

Nutrition is not usually the first genre of reading people turn to for thrills or bedtime reads. These books are more often used as coffee table decorations to show your uncle that 'yes, I did read the book you gave me on eating air' just so you can shut him up. I love nutrition, and I love nutrition books, but I understand that most people want to read about elves and wizards, and elves marrying wizards more than they want to read about the different types of Lipoproteins in the body, or the current take on Cholesterol and salt. 

However, if there is one nutrition book that

anyone should read, it's this one. 


This book is an easy read in the sense that you get through it with a smirk on your face in anticipation of what this woman is going to say. It's a political thriller relevant to everyone, where personalities shined through rather than science. You're taken through the history of abysmal nutrition research in this country and how politics and ego changed our food landscape. It really takes just one self-conscious dude to change our whole paradigm. 

Contrary to popular belief, America's dietary guidelines aren't the magnum opuses of high-ranking scientists, cerebral cortexes pulsating in the moonlight as they solve the mysteries of human nutrition. What reaches our ears has been squeezed, tortured, reshaped, paid off, and defiled by a phenomenal number of sources. And as my own story proves, the USDA's wisdom, pyramid and beyond, isn't the only source of misguided health information out there. But it is some of the most pervasive, the most coddled by the food industry, the most sheltered from criticism, and--as a consequence--the most hazardous to public health.

And that's just getting started. Minger takes apart the infamous China Study---the often cited and quoted research that vegans and vegetarians alike love to rattle off as proof positive that their way is the best way. (Don't get me wrong, I was a vegetarian for 7 years and still often align my food and animal politics with those in the vegan and veggie realm. However, when it comes to nutrition I politely disagree).

Did you ever want to know why we went from a fat loving, liver eating, meat on the bone, svelte culture into a distasteful, low-fat, cardboard tasting, light-skin, de-boned breast meat, fatter culture? Read this book. 

If you love learning about shady politics, men with low self-esteem trying to get their name in the game and apathetic governments swayed by the food this book. 

It's enlightening to see someone call BULLSHIT on the medical establishment for placing such unwarranted trust on food regulation, nutritional standards and anyone in a white coat. In fact...

Medical doctors get very little, IF ANY, nutritional education during medical school. 

Many people go to their MD in search of answers on what they should be eating. Unfortunately, they may not be the best source of information when it comes to nutrition. It' disheartening due to their vast understanding of how the body works. They are some of the smartest, most capable individuals on earth----yet many are without a nutritional foundation or understanding. Even more unfortunate is the time restraints placed on many practicing doctors. They are too damn busy to research the current understandings of nutrition research---with new studies coming out constantly, I'd say it's quite unreasonable to expect them to come home after a stressful day's work and research the newest food data. That's why it's important to pay attention, do your own research and make sure you have a trustworthy source. 

Denise Minger is an empowering voice who shows that it's time for you to start using your brain. We are all smart and capable enough to cut through the bullshit---and she can help lead the way. In fact we should start calling her "hacksaw" because she cuts through all the bullshit for us. 

One of the most important aspects in the book is that she teaches you HOW to read research. Many people ask why nutritional science is always changing on a dime, "one year eggs are good for you, then they are going to KILL you. One year butter is the stuff of life, 5 years later they'll KILL you." Basically everything goes from being healthy to deadly in no time. 

 Is it going to save me or kill me?

Is it going to save me or kill me?

Denise explains how research is done, how it should be read and interpreted and why it is important to STOP listening to your local news, national news, Fox news, CNN---actually just stop listening to mainstream media for your nutritional information. You come away with knowledge that can help you further understand the sensational headlines and make you more confident in your ability to stay alive another day.

After taking a semester on statistics and learning to read research, I quickly realized all I had to do was pick up this book to get the same quality analysis and instruction of how it all works. Too bad she didn't write this earlier. 

Denise doesn't make you feel guilty for the diet you pro-port works best for you. If you are a committed Vegan, she is committed to making you the healthiest vegan around. If you are a staunch paleo, she is committed to making you the best meat eating, berry picking, nut lover you can be. All she wants to do is make all of us as healthy as possible, without the dogma that usually comes across in mainstream nutrition books. 

Not only this, but she cites the importance of genetic differences that come to play on how all of us react differently to various foods. When one gets great results from paleo another might get even better results from eating more carbs. She realizes the importance of genetic variance and how it plays a role in health.

Basically, this book made me realize what a bad ass Denise Minger is, and what an important new player she is in the nutrition world. I can't wait to read more from her and I am utterly convinced everyone should be forced to read this book in order to gain a greater understanding of how politics and research collide when it comes to our food. 

Don't wait any longer! Buy the book now!

Click above in order to buy the book---if I didn't convince you already, I don't know what will.

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