Are you truly getting the nutrients you need on a daily basis? Chances are, you're not. Unless you're eating a wide variety of vegetables a day (ketchup does not count)--- organ meats on a fairly regular basis (sounds gross, but necessary)---fermented foods like sauerkraut and kimchee---  good fats (yes! Fats are good!)--and minerals (Iodine anyone?), you are most likely NOT getting what you need out of your standard American diet (SAD). This is why whole food supplements are so important. 

Michelle uses whole food supplementation by Standard Process and MediHerb to give patients a heads up in their daily nutrition. It's necessary to understand the importance of herbal medicines and what they can do for our health. In a time when people can't get the nutrition they need to stay healthy, even if they think they are eating well, whole food supplements and herbs are able to bring our bodies back to health, prevent us from getting sick in the first place, and propel us into a healthier old age.

 There is an epidemic of nutritional deficiencies most of us have from our over-fed, under-nourished diets; our hot dogs and double cheese-burgers just aren't doing the trick. (Don't hate the messenger.)

What's different from synthetic vitamins and whole food supplements?

Synthetic supplements give you isolated or fractioned pieces of the whole. It is simply not the same -- you're not getting the full benefit nature intended. The other problem is, by taking isolated vitamins, sometimes we are getting massive doses of some vitamins, but not enough of others. This imbalance can cause health problems too. Aren't we trying to get healthier rather than cause more problems?



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